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By Roger Katz

United States And China Flags iStock-Oleksii Liskonih 1089916444
United States And China Flags iStock-Oleksii Liskonih 1089916444

U.S.A.-( Despite the unrelenting seditious mainstream Press attack on the autocratic regime of Putin’s Russia, it is the autocratic regime of Xi Jinping’s China that has been, for decades, the greater and graver threat to our Nation’s free Constitutional Republic.

So, then, whether through accident or secretive, insidious design, the release of the Chinese Coronavirus into the world has had a devastating impact on both the physical health and well-being of our people and on our Nation’s economic health and upon the rest of the world. And this viral pandemic plays well for China in its ongoing quest for world economic and military domination.

As Xi asserts with great bombast and bravado, as reported by cnbc:

“We absolutely will not permit any person, any organization, any political party — at any time, in any form — to separate any piece of Chinese territory from China,” Xi said to applause. “No one should expect us to swallow the bitter fruit of damage to our sovereignty, security and development interests.”

Apparently, the Chinese Premier feels that Tibet is one of those Chinese territory pieces that China will not permit anyone to …Read the Rest

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