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By Roger Katz

Brownells Joins Tech Fight Against COVID-19
China And The W.H.O. Failed To Warn The World Of Coronavirus

U.S.A.-( You would think the nations of the world would set aside their differences and definitely, definitively, unite, at least for a time, to battle a common scourge to humanity. You would think that perhaps; or you would like to think that. But, unlike a Hollywood film, the nations of the world do not always unite to battle a common threat. Such is sadly in evidence here.

The Chinese Coronovirus has brought into high relief a sad reality about the functioning of some Governments and some of their agents, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)—and we are thinking here of the Chinese Government and of a specific NGO, the World Health Organization (“WHO”). We, Americans, bear witness to how the NGO, “W.H.O.,” a puppet of the Chinese Communist Government of Xi Jinping was slow, deliberately slow, in communicating to the world just how dangerous and prolific the Chinese Coronovirus is. We see this Government and the Non-Governmental Organization “W.H.O.,” using this threat for their own nefarious purposes.

True to form, we see the Communist regime of Premier Xi Jinping the Director and its obsequious puppet, the Director-General of the …Read the Rest

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