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By Pamela Jablonski


Words like “carnage,” “urban war zone,” and the “most violent U.S. city” are, unfortunately, common place alluding to Chicago these days. The Windy City, like virtually all big cities in the U.S., has a raw underbelly of crime-ridden areas. These areas are laden with joblessness and lawlessness, which creates a breeding ground for “alternative sources of income” and crime.

Gangs and the criminal element flourish in communities where unemployment or underemployment continues to prevail. Kids, teens, and adults make poor decisions which lead to fatal consequences; intended or not.

During a meeting on Wednesday to kick-off African-American History Month, President Trump once again made reference about the continuing violence in Chicago. The President, acknowledging that although Chicago seems to be doing the right thing to fight crime, said they still don’t have a solution to gain a grasp on the situation. He reiterated that the possibility for the Federal Government to step in still exists. Referring to solving the issue with federal assistance, President Trump said, “We’re going to have to do something…What’s happening in Chicago should not be happening in this country.”

Darrell Scott – a Pastor from Cleveland, Ohio, and a Trump supporter – attended today’s …Read the Rest

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