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By Bob Owens

According to ABC 7, the violent criminal subculture of Bloody Chicago was responsible for wounding 80+ people over this past weekend. 15 of the 80+ died of their wounds in a city where crime reports are on par with—and have many times exceeded—casualty reports from our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It isn’t known as “Mogadishu on Lake Michigan” for nothing.

The youngest fatality of this weekend’s crime spree was the seven-year-old son of an alleged gang leader, who, of course, refused to cooperate with police in apprehending his son’s killer or killers. Abiding by the thug culture ethos of “no snitching” was more important to him.

It’s just another weekend highlighting of the violent criminal subculture problem we discussed yesterday. Until we identify, acknowledge, and target the criminal-glorifying thug culture itself, we cannot hope to stop the violent crime that is responsible for so many of the the deaths we see in cities like Chicago from one week to the next.

Sadly, we know the victims and we know their assailants, and we have for years, yet we refuse to do anything about it.

Instead, the people who could be making a difference create scapegoats:

Who are the murderers and their victims? …read more

Source:: Bearing Arms

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