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By David Lombardo


The problem is, there are good people living in bad neighborhoods. Unfortunately most of Chicago’s violent crime occurs in those neighborhoods. Chicago’s West Garfield Park tops the list reporting 3.2 violent crimes per 1,000 residents followed by East Garfield Park at 2.8 then Fuller Park at 2.7. Compare that to 0.77 in tony Highland Park and it’s not surprising that the highest percentage of cops shooting local residents occurs in those high crime areas.

Cops working in high crime areas have a pretty good feel for who are the bad guys and let’s be honest, the bad guys in those areas advertise they’re bad guys. They talk the talk and they walk the walk. They have gang tats, dress in gang colors and in many ways strut their stuff, so to say profiling is racist and doesn’t work is largely disingenuous.

What makes it complicated is the good folks and the bad live side-by-side and that does lead to making mistakes. Small mistakes are one thing but the Chicago Police Department (CDP) has developed a sordid reputation for making big mistakes – the unjustifiable use of deadly force. As a result, the CPD is implementing new guidelines on the use …Read the Rest

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