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By Dean Weingarten

Preventive Medicine recently published a study of 99 adult offenders living in Chicago or nearby entitled Sources of guns to dangerous people: What we learn by asking them. As Nick pointed out, the paper reinforces what we already knew: criminals “obtain most of their guns from their social network of personal connections. Rarely is the proximate source either direct purchase from a gun store, or theft.” Nick highlighted some of the study’s methodological limitations. Here’s something else to consider . . .
The authors seem nearly as ignorant about guns as the criminals they interview. They use the terms “assault weapon” and “machine pistol” without any definition, and little knowledge. From . . .

Of the primary guns, just five would be classified as assault weapons, including a TEC-9, TEC-11, and AK47. As has frequently been reported, assault weapons play only a small role in everyday crime (Koper, 2013). Several mentioned a strong preference for large-capacity magazines for their firearms, noting that a magazine holding 30–50 rounds would give them a tactical advantage in a firefight . . .

Others reported what appeared to be one-time events where they sold extra guns. …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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