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By Justin Stakes

Biologic Chestnut Magic Bag
Biologic Chestnut Magic Bag
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Chestnut Hill Outdoors

Columbus, GA -( Chestnut Magic is a revolutionary product from Mossy Oak Bio-Logic Addiction, which is created from real American Dunstan Chestnuts and which arms hunters with the power to attract deer to any location and keep them coming back for more.

Chestnut Magic was developed by Chestnut Hill Outdoors, a leader in growing and utilizing chestnuts for deer attractants and will provide hunters with a new edge when it comes to attracting deer. Chestnut Magic is the ultimate deer attractant. It will attract game animals in any hunting environment. Whether you are hunting in Florida or Illinois, on private land, leased land or public land, Chestnut Magic always attracts deer.

Tests show deer favor Chestnut Magic over other deer attractants. The secret to this unique product is its perfect combination of ground-up chestnuts and rice bran. Chestnuts have more protein and carbohydrates than acorns, without the bitter-tasting tannins. Research determined that chestnuts were preferred 100 to 1 over ripe white oak acorns by deer, and these tests were done on deer that had never seen, smelled or tasted a chestnut before.

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