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By Duncan Johnson

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USA-( Deer hunters who hunt property with persimmon trees know how lucky they are. Throughout their range, persimmons produce fruit that deer find extremely attractive.

What time of year persimmons bear fruit, depends of a variety of factors. Climate zone and type of persimmon are both large indicators of when persimmons bear fruit. Usually, they are capable of ripening fairly early in the fall – a period strongly correlated with archery season in many areas. In much of their range, persimmons provide new, fresh soft mast before acorns are in abundance. Further, even agricultural crops have declined in nutritional value and palatability in late summer. So for deer, ripening persimmons are simply the best-tasting food around.

That’s a big bonus to bow hunters. Because deer find persimmons so tasty, most of the deer in the area will visit the tree periodically – and some deer will do so every day. A bow hunter who hangs out around a productive persimmon tree long enough will get a close look at most of the deer in the area.

What if you’re not lucky enough to hunt land with persimmons?

Instead, the best option would …Read the Rest

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