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By Graham Baates

Cheetah 12 Shotgun

By Graham Baates YouTube personality, Graham Baates, gives us a video review and breakdown of the Cheetah 12 Shot from SDS Imports.

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Cheetah 12 Shotgun

The Cheetah 12 Shotgun accepts readily available Saiga-12 magazines and has an MSRP of just $649.95. Costing little more than half what I paid during the height of initial vepr excitement. Part of the lower cost is accomplished with a simplification of manufacturing, and selecting another AK Mecca for manufacturing, China.

At first glance I was doubtful of reliability after noting the lack of cuts in the gas piston. According to Molot their piston is modified to run both high and low-energy loads.

In my experience the Vepr-12 could run most loads, and would run fine with bird shot, but for some reason didn’t like low-recoil slugs. Those two loads were a top priority in testing the Cheetah 12 and their results can be sen in the video below:

<img title="Cheetah 12 Shotgun gas piston is simpler than the famous Vepr 12." src="×337.jpg?b6fb8d" alt="Cheetah 12 Shotgun gas piston is simpler than the famous Vepr 12." width="600" height="337" srcset="×337.jpg 600w,×127.jpg 225w,×253.jpg …Read the Rest

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