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By John Falkenberg

CULLMAN COUNTY, AL — One man’s questionable defensive gun use not only earned him criticism for his behavior — it cost his son his life.

He thought that a random thug was stealing his truck, but he was mistaken — his son was just borrowing it on Christmas Eve.

Now the family will never be the same.

As reports:

Family members are mourning the death of 22-year-old Logan Trammell, who was driving away from his parent’s home in Cullman County just before midnight on Christmas Eve in one of his father’s vehicles. His father, however, happened to be sitting in his camper outside of the house and was unaware that his son was coming over to borrow his truck. He yelled and fired off a warning shot at the driver, whom he assumed was a car thief. When that was unsuccessful, he shot at the truck, which immediately stopped.

He then opened the truck door to discover he had just accidentally killed his own son.

There is so much wrong with this situation, but let’s break it down to two main points:

First, no one needs to be firing shots at vehicles that are driving away.

At that point, if there …Read the Rest

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