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By Rex Nanorum

Champion's Vanquish Electronic Pro
Champion’s Vanquish Electronic Pro

U.S.A.-( Gun owners are often a very passionate group: passionate about political issues threatening our rights, passionate about the latest and greatest products, even passionate about debating the merits and demerits of this brand versus that brand. One aspect of shooting that seems to get less attention than many others however, is personal protective equipment. This covers such items as eye protection, ear protection, and gloves. Lately, I’ve been covering hearing protection, which continues today with Champion’s Vanquish Electronic Pro hearing protection (hereafter Vanquish Pro).

Champion’s Vanquish Electronic Pro

Champion Vanquish Pro
Champion’s Vanquish Electronic Pro

The Vanquish Pro is the mid-line offering to Champion’s new Vanquish line, sandwiched by the Vanquish (no Bluetooth), and the Vanquish Pro Elite (Bluetooth and active noise cancellation), among other differences. Let’s check the tech specs on the Vanquish Pro, as per Champion’s website.

  • Safe Level Sound Compression Technology
  • Acoustic Foam for All Day Comfort
  • Sound Refresh Time <1ms
  • 2 Full Dynamic Range High Definition Speakers
  • 3 Omni-directional Microphones
  • 5x Amplification
  • 150-Hour Run time**
  • 3 Hour Automatic Shut …Read the Rest

    Source:: AmmoLand

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