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By GDC Staff

This Beretta is a nice example of the quality of firearms that come through the Certified Used Guns program. (Photo: Chris Eger/ is leading the charge in phenomenal deals on great used firearms that are looking for a forever home through the Certified Used Guns program.’s Senior Buyer Mark Sims discussed the advantages of the company’s initiative to sell not just good used guns, but great ones.
“There is more value in the Certified Used Guns and that’s because they are fully inspected by the professional staff at,” he said, explaining that when used guns arrive into inventory they go through a full checklist to confirm that they are operational, not in need of repair, and fully functional. Then they are put through a condition certification to determining what condition we would place them in.
Certified Used Guns in the Vault are inspected and checked by professionals. (Photo: Chris Eger/
“So, you get the full inspection by professionals,” Sims said. “You get certified documentation based on that which really is something new to the gun industry in used guns, somewhat like a certified pre-owned car. That documentation can follow the gun and if at any point in time that


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