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By Daniel Terrill

The Century Arms Draco AK pistol will be available 100 percent U.S. made. (Photo: Century)
Florida-based Century Arms announced the release of a Draco AK pistol design made completely in the U.S. as fewer models are being imported from overseas.
Century Arms sales director Jason Karvois said there has been higher demand for the item, but importation of the Romanian pistol has been less frequent because government and military contracts with the Cugir factory. He added to meet the “overwhelming demand” of the Draco pistol, Century shifted reliance to its Vermont factory for manufacturing the item.
The Draco pistol, based on the iconic AK-47 design, is chambered for the 7.62x39mm cartridge. The gun has a 10.5-inch barrel and weighs 6.3 pounds. It features  maple wood handguards, standard AKM sights and accepts any AK-47 magazines. The pistol will retail for $749.99.
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