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By Graham Baates

Century Arms C39 V2

By Graham Baates YouTube personality, Graham Baates, gives us a photo and video breakdown of the Century Arms C39V2 Zhukov.

Century Arms C39 V2

USA – -( AK ownership has always been a bit of a sore spot for me. Don’t get me wrong, I own them in 6 different calibers, but as a patriot, the sore spot was knowing that I was not buying American. Century Arms changed that with their release of the all-American AK. My first firearm was an import from Century International Arms, so why not a first American AK-47?

A small relief prevents the safety from becoming caught on the receiver edge.

The C39V2 is based on a billet 4140 receiver. The billet receiver provides some extra rigidness and perhaps a chance to increase accuracy. The V2’s improvements include heat treatment on the bolt-carrier tail, a wider magazine release, and compatibility with AKM furniture. Also of note are nice details such as a slight relief cut to prevent the safety from getting stuck on the receiver’s edge. In …Read the Rest

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