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By Robert Farago

Mark Halle (courtesy

“It’s natural in the event of a horrific crime to look for a way that it could have been prevented,”‘s editorial board opines, “and it doesn’t get much more horrific than last week’s brutal, and seemingly random, assault of an elderly Waterville woman.” A sexual assault in her own home, I might add. [Perp above.] “But in the wake of the attack, Joe Massey, the city’s police chief, came to the wrong conclusion” . . .

“It’s one of those cases where you could make a good argument for citizens arming themselves,” Massey said four days after the assault. “Someone said, ‘A gun in hand is better than someone on the phone telling you police are on their way.’ In cases like this, you wish the homeowner had a weapon and was capable of defending themselves.”

That way of thinking may satisfy a very real human need to feel protected, and appeal to a certain sense of justice, but it also puts more people in danger.

And there it is. And here we go . . .

People may buy a weapon to protect themselves and their families against assaults, home invasions, or public mass shootings, but …Read the Rest

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