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By Pamela Jablonski

pulse shooting breach

Just weeks after the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the local Orlando gay community reached out to NRA Certified Firearms Instructor Jo Martin in an effort to start their own Pink Pistols chapter.

Now, almost nine months later, the Central Florida chapter of Pink Pistols has noticed an increase in attendance at their monthly meetings. The Pulse tragedy, although recognized by the LGBTQ community as a terror incident, has also reaffirmed their vulnerability as it relates to hate crimes and the need for self defense. In fact, there was so much interest in the group that Martin is now starting a second organization she’s calling the Rainbow Shooting Club.

Martin said through a generous donation made by a Connecticut gun manufacturer, the firearms classes are now being provided to the LGBTQ community free of charge. The grant covers everything: the costs of the training materials, instruction, range time, rental firearms, even ammunition.

“The thought of me holding a gun is terrifying,” said Diana Georgey, who signed up for the classes. She told NBC affiliate WESH-TV. “It (the Pulse Shooting) affected me in a way that I felt like I …Read the Rest

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