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By Ammoland

I Am Forever Documentary
I Am Forever Documentary

The American dream is a powerful thing—but it’s going to take some work to bring it back to life. Released over the Independence Day weekend, a new feature-length documentary edited from Season 2 of I Am Forever—sponsored by FN—explores what it will take to get our nation back on track.

Nick escaped the Nazi invasion of Greece, living in the forest with few possessions before he managed to pursue a new life in America. He initially believed that the streets in this fabled country were literally full of gold—but as he took on jobs make a living, he began to understand the boundless opportunity that lay behind this myth. He credits his own independent initiative and hard work for his rise from poverty to prosperity—but he recognizes that such a trajectory was only possible in America.

Cam Edwards and a panel of speakers familiar as guests on Cam & Co—including Seton Motley, Charles Cooke and Julie Gunlock—weigh in on how the America of today has lost its way. Entitlement, political correctness and the loss of the entrepreneurial spirit are among the culprits that they identify. What, they ask, would it …Read the Rest

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