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By Ammoland

Cedar Grove NJ's Attempt to Ban Home-Based FFLs REJECTED

Cedar Grove NJ’s Attempt to Ban Home-Based FFLs REJECTED
New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey – -( Last night (02/08/2016) the mayor and town council of Cedar Grove, NJ, were going to introduce an ordinance that would have banned home-based FFLs from operating in the township.

This is an extremely dangerous idea for them and any other township/city to entertain, especially because 51% of the 399 NJ based FFLs are home-based.

I attended the meeting, however, the council and mayor pulled the proposed ordinance before any debate or comment from the public. Smart move because our legal team strongly believed this was a violation and we were ready to launch a lawsuit which would have been costly for the township and we made this clear from the beginning.

Thank you to those who called and e-mailed objecting to this ridiculous idea.

Please feel free to call or e-mail the mayor and council to thank them for doing the right thing:

Joseph Chiusolo, Mayor
(973) 239-1410 ex.238
[email protected]

Michael Maffucci, Councilman
(973) 239-1410 Ext.239
[email protected]

E. Romeo Longo, Councilman
(973) 239-1410 Ext.236
[email protected]

Peter Tanella, Councilman
(973) 239-1410 ex. 235
[email protected]

Harry Kumburis, Councilman
(973) 239-1410 ex.237
[email protected]

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