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By Robert Farago

Ceasefire Oregon (courtesy

Gun rights advocates constantly warm about the “slippery slope” from “common sense gun safety laws” to a total gun ban. And rightly so. While anti-gun rights agitators insist that they respect the Second Amendment – even as they violate the Constitution’s prohibition against any and all government infringement on the right to keep and bear arms – they work ceaselessly to undermine it. Simply put, they will not rest until they have degraded Americans’ firearms freedom into oblivion. Proving the point, Ceasefire Oregon has laid out its plans to continue their anti-gun campaign, now that they’ve created a background check for all Beaver State gun sales and transfers. Here’s their master plan . . .

Recommendations for requiring higher standards for gun ownership include

(1) national universal background checks for all firearm sales

(2) prohibition of gun ownership for 10 years if a person has multiple offenses involving misdemeanor violence, alcohol or drug abuse, domestic violence, a domestic violence restraining order or serious juvenile offense.

(3) secure weapons storage

(4) standardized training for concealed handgun license applicants that includes marksmanship proficiency, active shooter training, and conflict resolution.

Ceasefire Oregon supports Dr. Webster’s recommendations to reduce gun violence by enhancing accountability of federally licensed …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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