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By James England

RIVERVIEW, FLORIDA — When an armed robber stuck a gun in an older gentleman’s backside and tried to rob him, the guy told him he had nothing to give. Not wanting to go away empty handed, the suspect then forced the man in through the back of the convenience store where his son was. Both men were held at gunpoint while the robber tried to figure out what to do. What he didn’t count on was that one of them was a concealed carry license holder. And thankfully for both of those men, he remembered to carry that day.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Joel Alberto Torres, 24, received multiple shots from either the son or father. Deputies wouldn’t specify which was the actual shooter because a concealed carrier’s identity when he protects his own life is not relevant for news reporting.

Deputies moved Torres from the scene after he was pronounced dead. For that twenty four year old, he made probably one of the worst mistakes an armed criminal can make. Unfortunately, when you’re staring down the barrel of a gun of a masked bandit, there’s not too many good options left on the table.

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