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By Van Harl

CCI Stinger 22lr Ammunition

By Major Van Harl
Van reminisces on his first look at CCI Stinger 22lr ammunition now that it is 40 years old.

Older CCI Stinger 22lr Ammunition packaging.
Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

Wisconsin –-(

CCI Stinger 22lr Ammunition

Word to the wise, if you plan to shoot any RC Cola soda cans with CCI Stinger ammo, stand back farther than I did on my first shot. I did not have any standard 22lr ammo so I shot the first can with high velocity CCI Mini Mag 22lr ammo. It did more damage to the soda can than I had anticipated and soda went flying back onto me. Luckily Henry AR-7s clean up very well from a soda attack.

The bullet made a hole in the front and split the back of the RC Cola can, doing this with a little more damage than if I had used standard velocity 22lr ammo.

Now shooting the CCI Stinger was a different game. First off, I moved back quite a bit more giving me a greater space, hoping not do get sprayed this time with sticky soda. The CCI Stinger 22lr hypervelocity ammunition destroyed the RC Cola …Read the Rest

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