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By Patriot Outdoor News

As a straight news piece, “Gun Porn” seems not to have made much impact.

When I saw this news piece and confirmed it wasn’t a satire, my next thought was “Gun porn”.

Hmm, is CBS News investigating those traumatizing and soul-crippling images of scantily clad women holding guns?”

You know, like this one (WARNING: heavy metal music). And this one (video below), and this one. Was it a slow news day?

The truth was far more serious. CBS46, the Atlanta CBS TV affiliate, had uncovered a new and terrifying threat hiding in plain sight in, of all places, Atlanta’s neighborhood grocery stores. Quick, hide the women and children! Yes, this story was CBS News’s attempt to amp up the culture war against gun owners by trying to convince the citizens, not of Manhattan or West L.A., but Atlanta—Atlanta!—that gun hobby magazines now fall under the category of pornography.

I wish Los Angeles pols would put guns in the same category as porn. Then overnight every Angeleno would be armed to the teeth. But I digress. Let’s get to the laughs.

CBS46 [hack] reporter on the street Karyn …Read the Rest

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