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By James Rummel

For a long time now, some companies in the finance industry have been refusing to process credit card payments for firearms. This essay from 2013 discusses one such case, but it has been going on longer than that.

Keep in mind that these transactions are perfectly legal, and are even under heavy scrutiny by federal and local law enforcement to ensure that they remain on the up-and-up. Even so, and increasing number of banks and financial transaction companies are refusing to process these sales.

So what to do?

One solution is to start a company specifically to handle credit card transactions from the firearms and sports industries. Behold!

So there is a company that fills a need that other companies will not. Good idea! But why am I talking about them? My efforts are charity, all paid for by myself. There are no payments to process.

Tactical Payments has a podcast called Tactical Pay Radio where they interview people in the firearms industry, and they decided to feature me in one of the podcasts. The host is Brett Grayson, who insists that he is …Read the Rest

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