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By Tom Knighton

Did you know that gun free zones are magical places? It’s true. They’re so magical that the mere presence of a sign or a rule against having guns will automatically make those planning to ignore laws against things like robbery and murder reconsider the error of their ways, at least on that property.

Or, at least, that’s what people like casino owner Steve Wynn thinks.

The Wynns has long banned guns from their casinos and resorts. Steven Wynn’s latest statements give us an insight into the minds of the gun grabbers.

Mr. Wynn believes that the attack that Stephen Paddock launched killing nearly 60 people would never have been able to happen at any of his properties. He thinks that the fact that his hotels and properties are gun-free zones would have stopped the massacre that occurred in Las Vegas.

Somehow a crazed madman who committed the crime of murder nearly 60 times and committed over 500 other crimes would have obeyed a sign forbidding guns according to Steve Wynn.

History has shown us that so-called “gun free zones” do not work. These places only create soft targets for mass shooters like that of Virginia Tech, Aurora, and Sandy Hook.

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