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By Tom Claycomb

Case XX Trapper Knife
Case XX Trapper Knife

USA -( I used to trap a lot as a kid in Jr. High. A fellow trapping buddy, Richard Jaco one day came to school super excited.

He said he’d found the perfect skinning knife for us at Sears. I can’t remember for sure but I think it was a Craftsman knife.

Anyway, he’d gotten me one too. Turned out it was indeed a great knife for skinning all of our unlucky trophies. Possums, beavers etc.

Years later I discovered that Case made a knife with the same design (or vice versa). I had to get one and test it out for old times sake. I thought the one they made with the Abalone handle looked nice so I grabbed one of them.

Yesterday I had to run down to the feedlot and shoot some pigeons and Eurasian doves, line up coyote hunts with the ranch manager and get a map for my upcoming cow elk hunt. It should add up to be a low-key fun day.

At first, the hunting was tough then I found out where the birds were congregated. At one spot they kept coming in and landing and giving me potshots. I love my Marauder tipped …Read the Rest

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