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By Michelle Scheuermann

Micro and Small Bore

Morgan, Utah – (Ammoland.Com) Cartridge Comparison Guide, the ultimate hunting & ballistics source built to help shooters maximize their benefits from cartridge capabilities and ballistic understanding, has just completed their series of Wildcat and Proprietary Cartridge Posters. Consisting of four posters, this series displays more than 850 unique rifle cartridges covering almost everything from .08 caliber rat-pistol cartridges built from necked down 22 LRs, 22 Mags, and 25 Autos up to extreme Long Range and monstrous Dangerous Game cartridges based on the 378 Weatherby, 416 Rigby, and 585 Wells.

Micro and Small Bore – one in the series of 4 from Cartridge Comparison Guide

The poster series is an excellent visual tool for hunters and shooters trying to maximize ballistic potential by asking, “What if I did this?” or, “Could I do that?” The cartridges are necked down, necked up, blown out, shoulders improved, and any other manipulation convention allows. The Big Bore Wildcat Poster also includes the 1-inch diameter 4 bore and ­­­30mm fired from the A-10 Warthog.

“One might be looking for a modified or improved AR cartridge, a better suited Thompson Contender pistol cartridge, or a more efficient and affordable Big Game or Dangerous …Read the Rest

Source:: AmmoLand

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