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By Dan Zimmerman


Reader Ian in Transit writes:

Much has been made over the years by both sides about the similarities and differences between cars and guns. More specifically the deaths attributed to each. The antis continue to plod along, employing their SOP of lies supported by half-truths to validate their emotions while we de-bunk the lies time and again. Since the antis continue to use feelings to assault freedoms with an energy that rivals a kid trying to bust a candy-packed piñata, the People of the Gun must continue our efforts . . .

First, there’s the tired “guns are only designed to kill” argument. This is as ignorant an assertion as claiming “cars are only designed to race.” While you probably could use your Barrett M107A1 to mug an old lady and competitive tractor/semi racing does exist, both the rifle-wielding mugger and the racer make huge compromises by selecting tools that are far from ideal to achieve their goals. The simple fact is that guns (like cars) are purposefully manufactured for a wide variety of uses the same way cars are.

There are a great many firearms whose very design make them less than ideal for killing. Sure they can be lethal, …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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