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By G. Halek

In Part I of this article, we discussed a couple considerations for everyday concealed carriers. These topics ranged from dealing with extra weight to staying away from crazy holiday situations.

In this part, we’ll get a bit more close to the home:

  • How to deal with relatives that don’t carry concealed (or like guns)
  • How to handle Black Friday shopping experiences (and businesses that don’t allow concealed carry)
  • Why carrying concealed over the holidays is more important now than ever before

So, pour yourself that extra cup of eggnog, scratch off that to-do list, and grab an extra magazine — we’re in for a whole lot of holiday cheer.

How To Deal With Anti-Gun Relatives

It’s bound to happen. There’s someone in the family that believes guns are literally the worst thing ever to happen to civilization and if we could just throw away all the guns, they would stop existing.

Here’s the easiest way to deal with relatives who want to mix their political philosophy in with the mashed potatoes: don’t.

It’s no use.

Decline to discuss. It’s not cowardice or fear of facts or information. It’s an acknowledgement that about certain points, there will be no agreement. The very best thing you can do is be a …Read the Rest

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