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By Brandon Curtis

While covering the news of five people gunned down inside the Capital Gazette newspaper by a man who held a grudge against them, I was trying to remember if we ever did an article on the topic of carrying a firearm at work. I found one occasion that we’ve discussed it and I’m sure that if I dug deeper, I’d find more.

This latest incident occurred in Maryland, which we all know isn’t the most gun-friendly state in the country. With a different mindset than, say Texas, you’d likely find it difficult to come across people who actually carry a firearm at work.

But it’s not crazy, and it’s not a product of paranoia to carry at work.

The chances of having to use your firearm during, say, a mass shooting are extremely slim. But what about any of the other multiple threats that one could face on any given day? Things happen that we don’t count on such as armed robberies and car-jackings. What about domestic violence that spills outside of the home? The point is, something bad can come your way at home, on your way to work, at work, on your way back home, while you’re stopping to …Read the Rest

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