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By Brandon Curtis

By Dean Weingarten via The Truth About Guns

The South Carolina House of Representatives passed a bill this week to reform the state’s restrictive reciprocity law. Currently, South Carolina only recognizes carry permits from 19 states, and “enhanced” permits from four more. The new bill would recognize permits from up to 16 more states would be recognized by South Carolina.

It seems likely that the regular permits from the four states whose enhanced permits will be recognized if the permit holders are 21 years old or older. From

COLUMBIA — House members voted Wednesday to recognize the concealed weapons permits of most adults from states that recognize permits from South Carolina.

As initially proposed, the bill would have allowed anyone who possessed a concealed weapons permit from any state to carry legally in South Carolina. But 10 states do not recognize weapons permits of any state other than their own.

From the bill H. 3240:

“(N)(1) Valid out‑of‑state permits to carry concealable weapons held by a resident of a reciprocal state, or a state that recognizes and honors a valid …Read the Rest

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