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By Robert Farago

A lot of gun owners worry about their gun going “click” instead of “bang.” Yes, well, with basic maintenance and self-defense (i.e. hollow-point) ammo, the vast majority of modern handguns are incredibly reliable. As long as you test fire your gun and ammo on a regular basis, you have little cause for concern. That said, the desire to reduce the odds of a life-ending mechanical malfunction is perfectly understandable. The single most likely cause of failure . . .

The ammunition magazine. The usual justification for carrying a spare ammunition magazine: more bullets! Fair enough. But given that the average gunfight is three rounds in three seconds at three yards, there’s an even more important reason: a Plan B if Mag A fails.

That’s why so many manufacturers spend so much money creating reliable magazines, and the aftermarket for high-quality magazines is so robust: gun and mag makers know gun owners don’t want to have to use a Plan B. It’s also why many gun buyers examine the sturdiness of a gun’s magazines before making their firearms selection.

Yeah it’s that important. Even so, sh*t happens. Mag lips (the top of the magazine) get bent. Dirt and other …Read the Rest

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