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By Ammoland

Carol Bambery Frampton

Editors Note: Carol Frampton is a great example of the different type of skill sets and leadership required to run our National Rifle Association. Please consider her for your vote.

Carol Bambery Frampton

USA – -( Thank you to AmmoLand News for inviting me to explain why NRA’s eligible member voters should support my candidacy for the NRA 2019 Board. I should mention that many readers would know me as Carol Bambery, from before I married John.

I’ve seen firearms issues from every side. I spent most of my adult life in Michigan, where hunting is a way of life, and now live in South Carolina, where it is the same. In between, I had to spend a few years in the anti-gun District of Columbia, where I was denied the right to have a handgun to defend myself, and even rifles and shotguns had to be registered.

I’ve served on the NRA Board for some time, and believe I do my duty to the members who voted for me. In all that time I missed two Board meetings: one due to a death in the family, and one when I couldn’t walk due to foot surgery. The average Board member signs up …Read the Rest

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