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By John Falkenberg

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — A man who detectives believe to be a serial burglar has been apprehended by law enforcement thanks to the actions of an armed homeowner who refused to be taken advantage of twice.

Apparently, the burglar liked what he saw so much the first time he broke in, he came back for more.

As WFLA reports:

St. Petersburg detectives believe 35-year-old Lupen Font is a prolific burglar. In just over two months, they say he’s broken into more than a dozen homes in St. Petersburg, Gulfport and Tampa.

But, his latest crime was almost his last. At a home on Riverside Drive North in St. Petersburg, an armed homeowner almost shot him as police say he tried to break in. “He came, stole some items, and came back for more a few days later. This is very dangerous criminal,” said Sandra Bentil, spokesperson for the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Police say Font broke in Sunday, stole more than 20 guns and other items, then came back Wednesday. But this time, the homeowner was waiting, confronted Font, and then fired at him as he sped off.

He was later reportedly found a few blocks away with a half-dozen stolen firearms.

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