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By Tom Knighton

Ever since the early days of man, crime has been a problem. It’s likely that it will always be a problem.

However, sometimes crime takes on strange forms. Take this story from my neck of the woods.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said the department is investigating a series of entering auto incidents in one neighborhood, and they’re working to find the suspects immediately.

One family said one case is different from most — for over a month their vehicle was taken every night and brought back to their home.

The family said they didn’t realize it until recently.

“I come outside and look in the driveway and sure enough the vehicle was gone,” said Tim Rogers, a member of the family and Lee County resident.

On that Sunday, the Albany Police Department called Rogers and told him that they’d found his vehicle at an apartment complex. That wasn’t all they learned.

Rogers added he was told by officers that witnesses said the vehicle had been seen at an apartment complex in Albany three to four times a week for a month, but oddly it was back in his driveway every morning.

“At least they were nice enough to bring it back so my wife …Read the Rest

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