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By Tom Knighton

As Canada considers a handgun ban, a recent sentencing in that country may shed a little light on the topic. You see, while they can ban the legal sale of anything they want, it doesn’t mean they’ll do anything of note when it comes to combatting crime.

Especially with people more than willing to do things like this to smuggle guns.

The Haskell Free Library and Opera House in Derby Line, Vt. is famously intersected by the U.S.-Canada border. For one career criminal, it was the perfect place to commit a crime.

Alexis Vlachos, of Montreal, Canada, was sentenced Tuesday to more than four years in prison for smuggling 100 firearms through the bathroom at the library.

The 41-year-old man led a three-man operation that brought weapons from licensed dealers in Florida to Vermont between July 2010 and April 2011.

His co-conspirators would arrive at the library and hide a backpack containing the handguns in a trashcan in the bathroom before leaving, VT Digger reported.

Vlachos, who was already in the library from Quebec, then would grab the backpack of guns stashed in the bathroom and walk out of the library.

While the exit is in Vermont, he would just cross …Read the Rest

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