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By Robert Farago


TTAG commentator int19h writes:

Some Canadian gun laws are so stupid that they serve as a perfect illustration that most anti-gun laws are written by clueless people and don’t actually do much. Consider their magazine restrictions, for example . . .

It’s 10 rounds for handguns, and 5 rounds for rifles – except that restriction is on magazines themselves, not guns they’re inserted in, and not on how you use the magazine (the crime is “possession of a magazine capable of holding N rounds”, not “loading a magazine with N rounds” or “inserting the magazine with N rounds into gun X”).

So a Beretta CX4 carbine can be loaded with a Beretta PX4 pistol magazine with 10 rounds, and it’s not a problem. All that matters is what gun the magazine was designed for, which is a ridiculous idea for obvious reasons. So one company sells an AR-15 “pistol” (i.e. sans stock), and they make 10-round AR magazines that are specifically stamped as being for that pistol. Naturally, they fit any rifle that accepts AR mags just as well, including “unrestricted” ones like Robinson XCR or Kel-Tec SU-16. And it’s all perfectly legal.

But wait, it gets even better. What about magazines that can …read more

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