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By Justin Stakes

Canada's National Firearms Association Launches Constitutional Challenge of Quebec's Registration of Firearms Act
Canada’s National Firearms Association Launches Constitutional Challenge of Quebec’s Registration of Firearms Act
Canada's National Firearms Association
Canada’s National Firearms Association

Montreal, QC -( Canada’s National Firearms Association launched a constitutional challenge of Quebec’s new Registration of Firearms Act.

The court action was filed in Quebec Superior Court today.

“Quebec’s Registration of Firearms Act infringes upon federal jurisdiction in matters of criminal law, and it does not fall within any valid field of provincial jurisdiction,” says NFA president Sheldon Clare. “This new Registration of Firearms Act is not constitutional and should be struck down by the courts.”

The NFA is also seeking an injunction to prevent the implementation of the new gun registry until the constitutional challenge is dealt with.

Over the course of Quebec’s legislative assembly hearings on the Registration of Firearms Act, the NFA and other groups voiced their objections over the proposed legislation.

“As Canada’s largest and most effective firearms rights advocacy organization, the NFA has a duty to act as a leader in this fight, and to spare no effort or resource to defeat this registry which will, once again, treat law abiding firearms owners and users as ‘would-be criminals,’” adds Clare.

The NFA has the support of many individuals …Read the Rest

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