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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

No government wanted to be responsible for killing Canada’s legitimate civilian firearm industry. Until now.

Canadian Shooting Sports AssociationCanada-( Nothing stops violent criminals from getting guns faster than an army of paper-pushing Ottawa bureaucrats. That’s the word from Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government. New Liberal gun control laws are coming, just as we predicted two years ago.

“The new Firearms Advisory Committee is in place.They are hard at work at examining other ideas and I would expect to have a legislative package consistent with the commitments that we made during the election campaign with respect to firearms before the House of Commons before the end of the year.” quoted a spokesperson for Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale to CSSA’s Tony Bernardo early last week.

That election platform included such criminal-stopping measures as:

  • We will ensure that Canada becomes a party to the international Arms Trade Treaty.

Canada’s stringent firearms control system already meets (or exceeds) the measures proposed by the UN Arms Trade Treaty and, let us not forget, criminals quake in their stolen boots at the mere thought of a United Nations treaty on guns. However, the review process abdicates Canada’s sovereignty to the UN.

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