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By Ammoland

NRA Coexist T-Shirt

By John J. Petrolino III

Can not we all just get along,,,, I guess not? #DeletedByAProgressive
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New Jersey –-( It would not be fair to start pointing fingers or saying things like “those dam liberals“….So I will not.

This is such an interesting dynamic I personally ask myself how is this all possible? Let me set the stage so I can be afforded a little latitude, though I do not believe I need to be given any such privilege.

Beyond having a day job that entails its own amount of aptitude and challenges, I am also a writer. I have written for small newspapers, I have written a lot of poetry, two books actually, several articles, reviews, essays, and now Second Amendment related articles. Look at what I just did there…I used an Oxford comma! I hate Oxford commas and my brother-in-law Larry and I have discussed at length the misuse of such punctuation with his girlfriend. I know a little about writing. Not a ton. I have lectured and done poetry readings at all kinds of schools, colleges and Universities too. I have and do walk what …read more

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