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By Eve Flanigan

On the day my gun review for the Arex’s Rex Zero 1CP pistol was published, a reader inquired about whether this gun is legal in California. The answer is, not at the moment.
The Arex factory is a multi-function center whose primary manufacturing focus is tools. Influences from the defense industry, and the company’s purchase of high-end CNC machining equipment, evolved into the development of the Rex pistols. Arex is, according to company reps, a household name in eastern Europe, akin to, say, Snap-On Tools in the United States.
The Rex line is imported by FIME Group of Las Vegas, Nevada. The guns bear both Arex and FIME branding.
The multinational 9mm cannon. (Photo: Team HB)
FIME Group may present the pistol, with a reduced-capacity magazine of course, to the California Department of Justice for approval. So the handgun may not be on unapproved status forever.
The Rex Zero 1CP — CP identifies the compact version — is not to be confused with a sub-compact. It’s big enough to show up at the range with the full-size guns and not be at a disadvantage.
Maybe a better comparison is this: think of a Sig P220 carry model (which does offer a CA legal variant). Now think


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