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By Dan Zimmerman


Reader Mike writes:

The alarm jolts you awake, your hand shoots out slapping at your phone trying to put it on snooze. You succeed only to have it go off again after a few seconds. “Three and half hours of sleep…not bad,” you mutter as you drag your tired body out of bed and get ready to head to school. You walk in a daze, barely minding your surroundings. All you care about is more sleep….and work, all those applications for internships, all for nothing but the rejections . . .

Before you even make it to studio, your stomach reminds you that even though sleep in the architecture world is overrated, you still gotta eat. You think about what you’re going to get as you head to studio to drop off your backpack and then to the school cafeteria before realizing class starts in a half hour. Going to take too much time to walk all the way out there, you decide to go to the first floor café of the architecture building to grab a sandwich instead. That’s when your phone alerts you to a text: “Person with a weapon has been reported on Danforth Campus”.

Crap. Not again. …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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