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By Johannes Paulsen

“We’ve lost gun control in this country” writes Cameron Smith – a columnist for the Alabama-focused But this is no typical screed about civilian disarmament funded by the likes of plutocrat Mike Bloomberg. No, Mr. Smith has an idea that might just promote the sort of gun control that we ought to have . . .

Increasingly our world is filled with people willing to commit horrible acts of violence against others…. We sometimes blame it on the consequence-free world of video games and movies where violence is glorified. Maybe it’s the extreme isolation of a modern world where we’re all connected but never really get to know each other. It could be hate, rage, or even hopelessness.

Regardless, we’ve lost gun control as a society. We’ve allowed the most significant influence shaping our perception and treatment of firearms to be a culture of violence. We need to take control of guns again and not let our fear drive our policies….

Here’s a novel idea. Instead of letting Grand Theft Auto shape the next generation’s attitude toward firearms, why not offer a thorough safety and training class as an elective for seniors in high school?

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