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Do you think charges should be filed on the son and parents?

Every once in a while I come across a story that frustrates me to the point that I have to put down my laptop and walk away for a bit. The senseless killing of MacKeon ‘Mackey’ Schulte by his friend Seth Culver, and the reaction of Culver’s parents, is one of those instances.

In May, Schulte and another friend went to Culver’s house at 2:30 AM and began rapping on his window, presumably attempting to wake Culver so that they could sneak out, as generations of teens have done before them.

What neither Schulte nor the friend expected was how Seth Culver would respond:

Startled by the noises at his window, Culver grabbed a World War II-era, .38-caliber handgun given to him as a present by his father and shot once through the glass, striking MacKeon in the head, according to authorities and Culver’s parents.

The case will soon place the Culver family in an unwanted spotlight: Yellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito told the AP he will convene a coroner’s jury next month to recommend whether criminal charges are warranted.

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