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By Lee Williams

(Photo illustration from licensed Shutterstock account.)by Lee WilliamsThe enemy is at the gate. One need only look at the Iranian-backed genocide in Israel to see what they have in store for this country if their plans succeed.Clearly, Joe Biden helped get us into this dire situation.Biden allowed millions of military-age males to enter this country illegally, including hundreds on the terror watch list. You could see them rallying yesterday in major cities across the United States, celebrating the terrorist atrocities in Israel.Biden ignored Iranian sanctions and allowed them to generate more than $40 billion in oil revenue, which they used to fund their terror campaigns. And then he gave them $6 billion more in an ill-conceived ransom payment.Biden gifted the terrorists in Afghanistan more than $7 billion in military equipment, including aircraft, armored vehicles, explosives, small arms and ammunition. Time will tell if these weapons are being used against Israeli Defense Forces.While he was arming terrorists, Biden used every trick in the book to disarm law-abiding Americans. He even created an office in the White House to coordinate his plans for total civilian disarmament.In fact, when you look at the totality of his actions, it makes you wonder whose side

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