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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Firearms Industry Compliance Conference
Firearms Industry Compliance Conference
Orchid Advisors

U.S.A.-( On May 8 – 10, Orchid Advisors and NSSF will host the 4th annual Firearms Industry Compliance Conference (FICC). The event will be attended by manufacturers, distributors, dealers and personnel from the ATF and FBI NICS.

This year’s agenda has been expanded to feature a mix of keynotes, 45 minute sessions and longer 1.5 hour blocks that will integrate business process and regulatory concepts.

For example, an NFA manufacturing session would include content such as:

  • During which phase of manufacturing do suppressor regulations apply?
  • What are those regulations and have there been any recent changes?
  • How do I improve the business process and compliance?

Due to the unique orientation of this year’s event we are soliciting additional speakers who wish to share their experiences. Speaker selection will be based on relevancy and chosen by a committee.

Thanks again and see you in May for another great FICC event!

I want to be an FICC speaker!

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