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By Tom Knighton

California has a reputation as perhaps the most anti-gun state in the country. Yes, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois have all made their bids to be part of that number, but Massachusetts may be one of the few states who really compares to California when it comes so pretending the Second Amendment amounts to nothing more than a polite suggestion.

The latest problem in California comes from an issue involving ammo sales. You see, the state passed a new law that created new regulations for ammunition vendors. The process for complying with those regulations, however, didn’t come from the legislature, but from the bureaucracy, and that’s where the problems kick in.

California’s onerous new ammunition regulations haven’t even gone into effect yet, and gun stores are already wondering whether they’ll be able to sell ammo when the new background check requirement kicks in.

Last year Californians voted in favor of Proposition 63, a measure that institutes background checks for all ammunition purchases and requires sellers to obtain an “ammunition vendor license.” The new law goes into effect on January 1, 2018.

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) was supposed to have solidified in July the process for obtaining such …Read the Rest

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