Posted July 12, 2018 7:30 am by Comments

By Chris Eger

Three gun owners who tried for weeks without success to comply with a new mandate to register reclassified “assault weapons” are taking the state to court.
The lawsuit, filed in Shasta County Superior Court on Wednesday by David Ajirogi, Ryan Gilardy and Harry Sharp, argues that the state’s firearm reporting website was offline when they attempted to comply with a new law changing how some guns are classified. previously reported that the CFARS website was experiencing widespread problems in the last week of June as those seeking to register guns with newly regulated “bullet button” devices moved to log their firearms with state authorities.
The suit argues that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office knew as far back as March that the new website was plagued with developmental issues, while the program overseeing it was underfunded and understaffed.
In court documents, the three gun owners said they attempted repeatedly over the course of several days in June to use the CFARS system, a lengthy process which required applicants to upload several images of their firearm as well as personal information and details. Sharp, for example, documented 50 attempts which either timed out or froze up without completing while multiple calls to technical


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