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By Tom Knighton

We’ve long known that the endgame for the gun control movement is complete disarmament of the citizenry. Gun grabbers may not ever be able to achieve that, but they know that they’ll never even get close if they try to do it in one fell swoop. Instead, these gun control activists have to ratchet up their rhetoric and proposals a notch or two at a time, slowly.

California is a lot further down the line than most. More importantly, perhaps, the state’s looking to go down it even more.

California’s legislative tiller has rolled its way through the new year, allowing for several new gun control laws to sprout from the seeds of last year’s bills. So far, the new laws have been subject to praise from UC Santa Barbara, Isla Vista, California and national leaders.

The new laws include:

  • Senate Bill 1100: Raises the minimum age to purchase a firearm to 21
  • Assembly Bill 1968: Imposes lifetime gun-ownership bans on individuals considered to be “dangerous gun owners”
  • Senate Bill 1346: Bans bump-stock devices
  • Assembly Bill 3129: Imposes lifetime gun-ownership bans on individuals convicted of domestic violence
  • Assembly Bill 2103: Requires that individuals applying for concealed-carry weapons permits undergo a minimum of eight hours of …Read the Rest

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