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By Justin Stakes

California Legislature on Summer Recess
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action
NRA – Institute for Legislative Action

Fairfax, VA -( The California Legislature is now on summer recess. They will be returning on Monday, August 17.

Below is the status of the pro- and anti-gun/hunting bills left alive for 2015.

Anti-Gun/Hunting Bills

Senate Bill 347 is currently in the Assembly Committee on Appropriations. SB 347, introduced by anti-gun Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, would add to the list of misdemeanors convictions that would result in a 10-year prohibition on the possession of firearms. The addition of these misdemeanor offenses to the prohibited category that include the “transfer” of firearms or ammunition could entrap family members that are giving firearms to relatives and are unaware of the requirements for firearms transfers through licensed dealers.

Senate Bill 707 is currently in the Assembly Committee on Appropriations. SB 707, introduced by anti-gun Senator Lois Wolk, would prohibit CCW holders and retired law enforcement officers from possessing firearms on any properties that make up the grounds of a K-12 school or university, including many parking lots, common areas that may not be readily identifiable as school grounds, and student apartment buildings.

Assembly Bill 96 is …read more

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