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By Gregory Smith

Above is a Belt Buckle Amazon hasn’t removed, yet.

First they wanted to remove the confederate flag from public grounds, now they’re forcing a gun store to take it back inside. What’s next? Prison for anyone who displays the flag? I’m proud of this gun store, they’re standing up for freedom of speech.

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Protesters took to a local gun shop that was displaying the confederate flag, leading to its removal on Friday.

They were angry that Wild Bill’s Old West Trading Company is choosing to display the Confederate flag.

The flag was hanging from a rafter inside the store.

The business also drew support from counterprotesters saying the flag is a symbol of freedom of speech.

Jacob Shockly says the flag was moved outside after nine people were murdered two weeks ago in a historically black South Carolina church.

“Why all of a sudden now it takes nine people to get shot now to throw a fit over a flag? It’s been around for how many years?” he said. “Everybody started caving in. Saying that’s a racist flag. But we don’t believe it’s a racist flag.”
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The Confederate Battle Flag: America’s …read more

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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